Learn More About Our Various Plaques: Part 1

Learn More About Our Various Plaques: Part 1

A Memorial Plaque offers a wide range of plaque types for your every need, each with its own purpose and specifications, and each that can be customized uniquely just for you. Below is a general overview of some of our most popular, best selling plaque types, but remember, if you can dream it up, we can likely do it, so your plaque is limited only by your imagination! Remember that all of our plaques are custom-made in America using the highest quality materials at the best price point possible. They always include free art, a free proof, and free shipping.


Religious Occasion Plaques

There are so many pivotal, deeply significant occasions in one’s spiritual journey, and what better way to honor these transitions and accomplishments than with a religious occasion plaque? From baptisms to bar mitzvahs, A Memorial Plaque renders gorgeous religious occasion plaques that commemorate the event, date, and person. Religious occasion plaques are also the perfect plaques on which to include biblical verses or other spiritual quotes that thematically reinforce the occasion at hand. Religious symbols such as a cross or the Star of David can be added for a visual touch as well, and you can read more about the specifications for religious occasion plaques.  


Dedication Plaques
Dedication plaques are just that: plaques that serve as a visual, physical dedication to any person you believe is deserving of recognition. Dedication plaques can be made to honor the memories of someone who has passed away or to commemorate the current achievements of an individual or group. Present a dedication plaque to an employee of the month, a humanitarian organization, a skilled and tireless teacher, an artist, or a loving family member as a holiday gift. Whether you are honoring an individual for a specific accomplishment or simply looking to communicate admiration, our dedication plaques can be personalized to make the perfect tribute. Read more about the specifications for dedication plaques.


Wedding and Anniversary Plaques
Some happy couples have detailed wedding registries from which to purchase gifts, but if not, or if you are looking to buy an wedding gift that is unique and sentimental-truly from the heart--consider purchasing a wedding plaque. Wedding plaques profess and preserve the love shared between two individuals on a particular day and immortalize that bond. Wedding plaques can display the two individuals’ names, the wedding date, the wedding venue, etc., and small graphics can be added to remind of the day. Likewise, anniversary plaques are an amazing way to reinforce a couple’s love for one another over the years. Consider giving an anniversary plaque to your own spouse, or to a couple you honor and respect deeply. Anniversary plaques can include the original wedding date, years married, etc. Both wedding and anniversary plaques are the perfect place to display powerful quotes about love and fidelity, biblical or otherwise. You can customize your wedding or anniversary plaque or use one of our romantic templates which can be found, along with all other specifications for wedding and anniversary plaques.

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