Memorial Garden Plaque Stake Mounted -18" Stake


Memorial Garden Plaque (Economy Version) Stake Mounted - 18" Stake

This garden plaque is our economy version, featuring a thinner plaque and mounted on an 18” metal stake.

Our Memorial Garden plaques are offered with an 18”, 24” or 36” high stake. 

Garden plaques are conveniently mounted on sturdy stakes for easy placement into the ground.  Stakes have the plaque mounted with adhesive.
Plaques and stakes are shipped together but not mounted, you will need to mount the plaque to the stake using the supplied adhesive.

Garden plaques create an outdoor space that is both personalized and symbolically resonant of the person or event commemorated. Customize a unique and beautiful garden plaque in tribute to a loved one, either living or deceased, and forever make your garden a more meaningful space. Garden plaques are perfect for a tree dedication.

Our garden plaques are built for just that: outdoor gardens, and therefore are made to last. Garden plaques are rendered in etched zinc that unlike brass will not rust or turn green with time and weather. Additionally, they are treated with a double coating of clear urethane for added protection against the elements. Garden plaques can be left out year-round and will maintain their look and luster regardless of season or environment.

Garden plaques are conveniently mounted on sturdy stakes for easy placement into the ground.

Each plaque is custom made for you with your own personalization including but not limited to person's name, years of life or service, and other copy that makes the plaque totally unique.

There are no limits on the amount of copy that you can have on your plaque, if your copy is more than the space on the order form, send us your copy request via email - please click below to send an email for this purpose.

Important Note: Please put exactly what you want your plaque to read in the copy blocks. Do Not Assume that copy will be automatically inserted like "In Memory of".

Our memorial plaques are made using etched zinc and do not corrode, rust, or tarnish. They are suitable for the outdoors and are made to last. 

Colors: Brushed Silver w. Black or Brushed Gold w. Black

Copy can be raised or recessed.

Production Time: 3-4 weeks. Be sure and check Email for Art Proof sent in 1-3 days

Order securely online - we use Paypal (you do not have to have a Paypal account) - we do not collect any financial information.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery as each plaque is custom made. - FREE SHIPPING!


Raised or recessed copy, select border styles (see below) - all pricing includes free shipping.

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Item pricing:

4”x6” plaque on 18” stake -$135.00 each

5”x7” plaque on 18” stake -$150.00 each

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