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Commemorate Cancer Survival with a Celebratory Plaque

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If you or someone you love has been through the grueling process of fighting cancer--the treatments, the fear, the entire restructuring of life--then you know what a joyous and celebratory moment it is to receive a clean bill of health and be placed in remission. Survivor status is a truly amazing cause for celebration and a commemorative plaque is the perfect way to mark the occasion. Plaques can be designed and purchased for yourself, or can be given as the perfect gift to show your love and support for a loved one's fight and triumph.



Our ready-to-order plaques (which do not require obtaining a quote) are 4x6 in size, rendered in pink and white, and can be mounted on a flat surface or propped up on a stand. can be raised or recessed, and we include the iconic cancer support ribbon alongside text that boldly asserts, "I am a Survivor" or "[Enter Name] is a Survivor" punctuated with the date of official remission. The eloquence and simplicity of the artwork and of the sentiment succinctly communicates that empowerment that accompanies surviving such a challenging battle.


Also note that another option for creating a plaque to commemorate cancer survival is designing a custom plaque. You could include any number of details on a custom plaque including a favorite inspirational quote, a short biblical passage, another image symbolizing life and vitality, a wish for the future, etc. Custom plaques come in various sizes and designs, and there is no limit to copy beyond plaque size. Our expertly crafted plaques do not corrode, rust or tarnish, and are suitable for the outdoors long-term. Contact us today and we will help you select or design the perfect plaque to celebrate such a beautiful occasion. 

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