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Buy Direct, Our Plaques are custom made in the U.S., includes free art and free shipping. A Memorial Plaques offer the highest quality and best pricing, includes Free Art and Free Shipping - Fast easy ordering, you do not have to wait for a quote.

Did you or someone you know lose a loved one?  

Let us help you celebrate this person's life with a plaque that lasts and lasts. A Plaque that truly commemorates the life and/or achievement of an individual. More than just a memory, a reminder of that special person to add meaning to your memories and thoughts.

The plaque is mounted on our special stand which can be used on a flat surface or shelf or you can mount on the wall.


Various symbols can be added to your plaque and copy can be raised or recessed. You can choose a border or go with no border.

Plaques are 4" x 6" - $79.95 each - Free Shipping

Order securely online - we use Paypal - we do not collect any financial information.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery as each plaque is custom made. - FREE SHIPPING!


Raised or recessed copy  - all pricing includes free shipping.

You can choose one of our sayings or do one of your own.

PM1 -  I keep myself busy with the things I do.
          But every time I pause, I still think of you.

PM2 - When someone you love becomes a memory,
         the memory becomes a treasure.
         We do not remember days, we remember moments.
         A life that touches others goes on forever.

PM3 - I wrote your name on the sand.....but the waves washed it away.
          I wrote your name on the sky........but the wind blew it away.
          I wrote your name on my heart......and forever it will stay.

PM4 - If tears could build a stairway,
         And memories a lane,
         I’d walk right up to Heaven
         And bring you home again.

You will receive an art proof for approval before production. Make sure that you look for an email.


                    PM1                                         PM2                                     PM3                                          PM4

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Size: 4" x 6" - $79.95 each - Free Shipping

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