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Dedication Plaques

Dedication Plaques

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Design your own personalized plaque

Imagine: Etched in zinc, your words whispering tales of lives cherished, achievements lauded, memories eternalized. This isn't just a plaque; it's a canvas for the soul.

No limits, just you: Unleash your creativity! We'll transform your every word, line by line, into a masterpiece. Sizes and colors dance to your tune, crafting the perfect stage for your message.

Whisper their story: Breathe life into names, dates, and heartfelt tributes. Each detail, meticulously engraved, whispers a love story, a life's journey, a legacy etched in time.

Built to last: Beneath the sun, beneath the rain, your words stand strong. Deep-etched zinc, double-coated for extra guard, weathers every storm, a testament to the love it carries.

Made in the USA: From our hearts to yours, every plaque is handcrafted with American pride. No overseas detours, just quality you can trust, backed by top-notch customer care.

Free artwork, free shipping: Skip the quotes, the haggling, the hassle. Order with ease, knowing your vision will be brought to life, delivered to your doorstep, free of charge.

A personalized preview: Within days, your masterpiece takes shape. An email bearing an art proof, a sneak peek at your story set in metal, awaits your approval.

4-5 weeks to forever: From your mind to your hands, a journey of mere weeks. Soon, you'll hold a one-of-a-kind plaque, whispering your heart's song for all time.

Don't just take our word for it: Let a thousand customer stories speak for themselves. Browse our gallery, feel the emotions etched in every line, and see why our plaques become treasured heirlooms.

Ready to tell your story? Click below, and let's craft a masterpiece together.

Remember: We ship within the lower 48 US states. Let's weave your tale in metal, one unforgettable plaque at a time.

Material: Etched Zinc

Once your order is received, we will send you an art proof via email for your approval before going into production.

If you are placing plaque in a salt water/beach environment, let us know so that we can add extra salt water weather protection.

See What our Customers have to say about their plaques.

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